Clever Treatment – Are you feeling CLEVER today?

Are you feeling CLEVER today?

As skin ages, it loses its elasticity and can start to show wrinkles and fine lines.

Our lifestyle and environmental factors play an important role, including a poor diet, lack of sleep, chronic stress, sun overexposure, and smoking. All of these are culprits for wrinkles and for an aging skin.

Our skin goes through a process throughout the years as it is explained in the picture below.


Pic. 1 – Brief explanation of the skin aging process


Can we help reduce skin aging? Yes, we can!

mccosmeticsNY has the solution: – The new Clever Treatment!

When you blend antiaging with being clever, you ended up having the ideal solution: The Clever Antiaging Complete Treatment!

As the name defines, it is an antiaging treatment recommended for mature and aged skin, which empowers cell renewal and visibly reduces wrinkles, flaccidity and blemishes. The skin becomes high hydrated and consequently smoother and firmer.

The products that are included in the treatment are: The brightening acid, the neutralizing spray, the serum clever, the clever cream, the clever mask and the clever solution.

The brightening peeling combines arbutin, citric acid, kojic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, which turns it into a powerfully effective depigmenting treatment. It is indicated for pigmentation, spots caused by sun exposure, pregnancy, acne and hyperpigmentation.

After the peel, the neutralizing spray should be applied as it neutralizes the peeling effects, providing freshness and comfort to the skin.

The serum clever, designed to boost and reactivate cellular metabolism with a high repairing action, effectively attenuates the various signs of skin aging.

Then, the clever cream itself! It both increases skin elasticity, firmness and acts as a protective barrier against free radicals; all due to its moisturizing and nourishing components.

Last but not least, the clever mask (and the clever solution to be dissolved with the mask): with hydrating and firming properties, it treats and reduces the depth of wrinkles, effectively fighting against skin aging.

As you can see, no need to worry about aging – just follow the advice of the best professionals: mccosmeticsNY!


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