Give the shine back to your skin! Shiny cream by mccosmeticsNY

When you look at the mirror and you see dull, unbright skin, you just fell like you want to vanish!

Skin dullness can be a result of factors like pollution, cold weather, and even aging. As your skin ages, it tends to lose that rosy, youthful glow, in part because your skin’s natural oil production will begin to slow down as you get older. Excessive dryness and dark spots, two more common signs of skin aging, may also contribute to an overall look of skin dullness or a lacklustre complexion.

Below you’ll see a picture showing the dull process.

Pic1 – Dull skin and factors.

Besides the reasons stated above, more causes for dull skin are being stressed, you don’t moisturize adequately, you skip exfoliation, you don’t remove makeup before going to bed, and you use the wrong skin care products.

But good news for those who suffer from dull skin:

– the shiny cream by mccosmeticsNY to better reflect your inner beauty!

The active ingredients are: Aloe barbadensis (powerful soothing and moisturizing properties); Rosa Canina Fruit Oil (with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids); Bisabolol (soothes and smoothes the skin, illuminating it); and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (with hydration properties).

This is the reason why Shiny cream is a gold cream that provides maximum hydration for a healthy golden glowing looking skin. Recommended for all skin types, it provides the skin with a gold glowing, giving it a brightening and rejuvenating look.

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