Mesotherapy for weight loss

Mesotherapy for weight loss

What is mesotherapy? 

Everybody speaks about it, but what is it really?! “Mesotherapy” is a non-surgical method which involves several intradermal or subcutaneous inoculations of a compounds mix in minute doses. Many substances can be used; however, it is not advisable to use alcohol or oil-based substances for mesotherapy due to the high risk of cutaneous necrosis. Despite of being an IN-problem solver for fatness, it is crucial to analyse if the clinical trials are well-conducted and truly have the efficiency that the market claims.

Mesotherapy for weight loss is being increasingly used to treat excessive weight problems. As a matter of fact, there are more people using mesotherapy instead of those painful treatments such as liposuction. However, mesotherapy will be effective only when combined with proper diet and exercise. As we all know there’s no results without any sacrifice…


Effects of treatment

Mesotherapy for weight loss, can be used to achieve good results in the matter of excessive weight problems, yet those treatments only work (perfectly) hitting a specific body target as double chin or cellulite. The MCCosmetics affirms its efficiency, providing evidences of other treatments and training sessions so that our clients can avoid any unexpected situations.

We believe that it is important to clarify all the contradictions using mesotherapy as a problem-solver, as follows:


  1. PC – no specific contraindications, to be used in caution with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome;
  2. Aminophylline – history of hypersensitivity to the drug, active peptic ulcer, seizure disorder.
  3. L carnitine – to be used with caution in patients with seizure disorder.
  4. Hyaluronic acid – known hypersensitivity to the drug, use of other quaternary ammonium compounds (as they precipitate HA).
  5. Pentoxiphylline, aminophylline – recent cerebral, retinal haemorrhage.
  6. Mannitol – renal disease, pulmonary edema.
  7. Caffeine – hypotension, ventricular tachycardia, anxiety, gastrointestinal side-effects.
  8. General – age 30, pregnancy, lactation.
  9. Severe cardiac, renal disease, thromboembolic phenomenon.

Besides those contraindications, MCCOSMETICS has created a topical line with the following products: Argan oilAntiaging flash, Glycolic acid + Vitamin E + FMusk rose oil and Proteoglycans. When applying those ampoules topically, you can still provide (less-impact) treatments to the skin.

Meaning, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, if we look for the perfect solution! MCCOSMETICS got your back!

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