Organic Silicon to fight skin aging

What is organic silicon?

Organic Silicon is formed by the atoms of carbon and Hydrogen atoms of living tissues. Just like other living things such as plants and animals, our body forms up plenty of organic silicon to consolidate our growth and development. Silica is being used as beautifying mineral which addresses different skin issues, supplying essential nutrients to our cells.

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As an important component of your body, Silicon helps in balancing bone mineralization. Moreover, Silicon plays an important role in improving skin texture, helping balancing cell-formation and metabolism! This improves the process of structuring connective tissues in the body and slows-down the aging process.
It is also best known for absorbing toxins, helping skin free from blemishes, acnes and pigmentations.

And yes, we have that solution for you: The Organic Silicon ampoules!

The Organic Silicon ampoules contain ingredients that have a smoothing and toning effect, retarding the skin aging process. This solution restores strength, flexibility and elasticity to the collagen and elastin of the connective tissues. It moisturizes and renews the cells providing firmness and tonicity. It is indicated to help prevent skin aging, cellulite and flaccidity. It provides excellent regenerating properties.

It can be applied in electroporation, iontophorese, ultra-sound, thermotherapy, vacotherapy and galvanic and it can be used once a week. It regulates, normalizes and stimulates the cellular metabolism, helping to reduce the proliferation of fibroblasts. It is indicated to assist in fighting against aging, cellulite and flaccidity. As stated before, it is an excellent regenerator and moisturizer.

As complementary products we recommend the Oligoelements as it is a balancing solution used as an aid in skin aging. Besides all that, it can be used once a week. Now that you know how to fight the skin aging, do not wait too much to try it out!

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