Phosphatidylcholine Ampoules – one ally to destroy fat deposits!

No-one enjoys seeing those fat deposits on the skin: it feels like to are driving on wet ground, balancing from everywhere!

Besides being unaesthetic, they can have a very negative effect on your self- esteem.

mccosmeticsNY has one answer for you: The Phosphatidylcholine ampoules.

In its essence, phosphatidylcholine is a molecule that constitutes a key element of the human cellular structure. This molecule can be found in each individual cell of the human body. As it is a primary component of the cell membrane, phosphatidylcholine inhabits every part of our anatomy.

Additionally, this molecule enhances the levels of acetylcholine and choline in the brain, thus causing improved communication between the nerves of the body. The molecule also aids in the breaking down of fats, which leads to improved functioning of the liver.

Fig.1 – Phosphatidylcholine

In addition to helping keep your cell membranes healthy, phosphatidylcholine also directly encourages fat burning.

But how?

The ingredients of the phosphatidylcholine ampoules help promote the lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat molecules in the body. It dissolves the stored fat in the adipocytes and reshapes body contour. Fat breakdown involves the breakdown of triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids. Phosphatidylcholine increases the production of this element within the human body, thus providing a boost to the rate of fat breakdown.

Therefore, the Phosphatidylcholine ampoules are one important ally for fat reduction and weight loss intervention.

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