Skin care by MCcosmetics

Let me introduce our Homecare products

The mccosmetics daily skincare range based on the same active ingredients that are used in its professional line, allowing keeping and improving the results obtained from the professional treatment.

So, you can have that glamour look on your face, we suggest you to first:

  • Cleansing milk: remove traces of makeup and impurities of the environment;

  • Facial toner: completes the facial daily cleansing.

The process of cleaning the skin is essential: eliminate every impurity while respecting its natural balance. We offer the following creams after cleansing:

  • Antiaging cream: prevents and repairs the effect of time on the skin;

  • Facial renew: repairs damaged skin by external agents;

  • Gsh cream: has whitening components, helping minimize darkened skin;

  • Hyaluronic serum: helps decreasing expression lines;

  • Moisturizing cream: is recommended for hydrate and nourish the skin.

We have this amazing variety, because we want to bring to the market a line of products that can reach several targets.

  • Sun block 50+: has protective and moisturizing properties that guarantees skin protection from the outdoor;

  • Sun block 50+ color.

The core purpose of a daily care is not only to clean and hydrate the skin, but also to prevent from external aggressions.

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