Smog away – The dailycare cream that helps you face the city!

Smog away – The dailycare cream that helps you face the city!


Nowadays, pollution is a major environmental concern—but it can also be bad for our skin! Most people are aware of the potentially damaging impact that air pollution has on our health. Less clear, however, is how it is harmful to our skin.

Studies are finding that, by accelerating wrinkles and age spots, air pollution is prematurely ageing the skin, as well as contributing to other skin problems. The skin’s retention of air pollutants is a contributing factor to major dermatological problems.

How exactly is air pollution damaging our skin?

The side effects of air pollution are varied, but perhaps the most well-documented is skin ageing. The way it manifests is by accelerating wrinkles and dark liver spots on the skin.

Air pollution leads to smog which, aside from obscuring the skyline and making everything look dreary, can cause skin ageing. Smog consists of low-level ozone (molecules of three oxygen atoms bound together), particles (dust, soot and smoke) and other pollutants, such as carbon monoxide.

Due to air pollution in big cities, ozone quickly strips away vital vitamin E—which nourishes healthy skin. This depletion of essential vitamin E also leads to dry skin. In fact, exposure to smog can cause all sorts of skin complaints, such as acne, dryness or rashes.


MCcosmetics has created the solution for this issue:
The Smog Away cream


Smog Away cream provides protection against harmful environmental factors in city atmospheres like heavy metals in smog, solar radiation and free radicals. It protects the facial skin from external aggressive elements as well as it hydrates and adds softness. It is recommended for all skin types and it must be applied everyday as part of your daily care routine.

Of course, one cannot forget to apply the Sun Block 50+, with or without colour according to your preference, protecting your skin from the UV rays and it substitutes makeup.


Therefore, the Smog away is the shield you need to defend your skin, fighting against the environmental factors in city atmospheres.


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