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prof. dna

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Its active ingredient with an excellent antioxidant and moisturizing effect protects the cell membranes from oxidative degradation. It promotes dead cell renovation and restores connective tissue. It prevents damaged collagen caused by exposure to sun radiation, oxidative stress and tobacco. 

Topical use.

Main characteristics & effects

Natural polymer, excellent antioxidant and moisturizing capabilities that protect the cell membranes from oxidative degradation, reconstruct connective tissue stimulates the healing processes.

Additional information

Product category: Professional
Main ingredients: Sodium DNA
Routine step: Treatment
Frequency: Every 2-3 weeks (approx. 5-10 sessions) | Maintenance treatment: 1 session every 1-2 months
Treatment area: Face and body
Recommended: Strech marks and scars, wrinkles, antiaging, dry skin, smoker skin, hair loss


Suggestion 1: antiaging/wrinkles
dna ampoules – Amount applied: 2cc
vitamin a - Ammount applied: 2cc
collagen pyruvate – Ammount applied: 2cc
organic silicon – Ammount applied:2cc

Suggestion 2: rejuvenation
dna ampoules – Amount applied: 2cc
b complex - Ammount applied: 2cc
oligoelements – Ammount applied: 2cc

It can be used topically, transdermal with virtual mesotherapy (iontophoresis or electroporation), with RadioFrequency, ultrasound, with microneedling (dermapen or derma-Roller).

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